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More pro-conservation executive action, legislation, and agency rulemaking has occurred in the first 3+ years of the Lujan Grisham administration than at any time previously.


We're proud of these accomplishments but we are still in the early stage on the road to an equitable zero-emission economy. The following is a list of the strong steps forward New Mexico has recently taken as well the remaining work that must be done to ensure a stable economy and environment for future generations. 


We are at a turning point in New Mexico. Our climate is warming and changing at a pace beyond many other states, bringing massive wildfires, post-fire flooding, aridification, drying reservoirs and rivers, and disruption of centuries of traditional land-use management. These changes impact not only our communities, but also our wildlife and the larger ecosystem we are all a part of.


What's the next step? To combat the climate crisis we're facing, the State Legislature must support New Mexico’s clean future by passing a bold framework bill in 2023 for transitioning to an emissions-free economy by 2050.


This transition to a zero-emissions economy in the next 30 years will require direct coordination with the communities most impacted by climate pollution, like low-income, rural, and/or communities of color, to help ensure a just economic transition is fully realized. 

That's why we need you. Urge your State Legislators to commit to supporting a bold framework bill in the 2023 legislative session that builds a zero-emission economy by 2050. 

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